Hello. I’m Tracey Bird. Marketing accountant for start-up, micro and small businesses.

about tracey bird marketing accountantI’ve looked after the financials of my families small businesses since 1990 – year-end accounts, VAT, tax returns, PAYE, and set up computerised accounting systems when computers and jelly shooz became fashionable. I’m also a former Marketing Manager for Johnson & Johnson where my focus was on the numbers of business and helping the business units I was responsible for achieve growth. I’ve worked at a firm of Chartered Accountants, trained accountancy students and ran my own business as a marketing accountant helping start-up and micro businesses achieve their goals.

I developed a love of marketing and numbers. A fascination about storytelling and the story that numbers tell. An understanding of how the numbers can help you make decisions about the future of your business.

I realised how a combined knowledge of marketing and accountancy can help businesses like yours. I know that as a business owner you have to attract and retain the right customers, understand pricing, get the profit margin right, control costs, maximise sales revenue and manage cashflow.

My passion is start-up, micro and small businesses and my purpose is to help businesses like yours, and people like you, to achieve your business goals and enjoy your business.

I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM) and in 2013 I was selected to be a Sage Business Expert for my contribution to the business community and I wrote articles for Sage to share my knowledge to help others improve and develop their businesses. I was also published by Yahoo! Finance.

And whilst I take serious things very seriously, I think business should be fun. We’ll talk, we’ll laugh, we’ll share ice cream, omelettes and jelly beans. You’ll quickly find out I’m not like other marketing people, and I’m certainly not like other accountants.

I would love to learn about you.