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small is beautiful

The weather was a wee bit ‘dreich‘ at omelette hq as I wrote this little story, but I have a beautiful bright and sunny vision which is making me do big leapy skippy jumps.

Why? I attended Small is Beautiful (@SmallisB) conference in Glasgow last week – a celebration of micro enterprise and the world of freelancing. Making and working as if people and planet matter.

I am proud to be a micro enterprise. Proud to be part of the micro enterprise community of truly amazing people. Proud that our work is not solely driven by how much money we make. Proud that we are constantly striving to be better, to be different, and to help other micro enterprises be the best we can be and enjoy our wonderful businesses.

We should be proud of doing work that truly matters and that we are making a difference and having fun on ‘this crazy, exciting journey of freelancing and smallness together’.

Here is a very small selection of some of the beautiful words from beautiful people who shared their amazing stories and fabulous advice at Small is Beautiful. There were many more beautiful words shared, but I hope this gives you a wee taster of the most beautiful, inspiring, moving and enjoyable conference I have been to …

Ruth Little  @roolittle

“Small is beautiful, small is sociable, it loves the local, it builds community by meeting needs and expanding into stories we tell.”

“My small business plan should include sustainability principles as a core purpose.”

Ewan McIntosh, Notosh @ewanmcintosh @notosh

“Grow your impact. Micro businesses can create impact from anywhere.”

Leah Hutcheon, Appointedd @LeahHutcheon @appointedd

“Let’s stop pretending it’s cool to be busy. The ability to execute is power in small business.”

“The best bit about my job is seeing the impact our tools have on those small businesses.”

“I work because I love this shit.”

Matt Perkins, FreeAgent @perkinsmattj @freeagent

… I just love it when a dude makes accounting interesting, relevant and fun like Matt did in his talk. Because it can be. Should be. And is. And Freeagent can help it be that way for you.

Rory Vaden @rory_vaden

“My entire life I’ve been studying success, and all of us may have a different definition, but in general it’s getting whatever you want for your life or business.”

… and just in case you are interested … I think cows drink milk and I put toast in toasters :)

Patricia Van der Akker, The Design Trust  @TheDesignTrust 

“Instead of being a small fish in a big pond … create your own pond.”

“You don’t sell a product. You sell an experience.”

“More businesses should be more like Marmite.”

The Real Tony Robinson OBE @TonyRobinsonOBE @EnterpriseRocks

“Enjoy: you’ve always got to be doing something you enjoy, because it’s the only thing that will keep you going.”

“Success is being able to control your destiny.”

“Micro enterprises can react quicker, collaborate better, and seek opportunities to create a new market that no-one has seen before.”

“Micro enterprise put people first and care more about people than capital.” 

“We are the best people to coach and mentor each other”

… I have followed the fabulous work of The Real Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden @MicroBizGirl for a little while now. You should too. They dedicate their lifework to making life better for micro enterprises. Tony and Tina … #YouRock!

James Greig  @j_greig

“Blogging isn’t really about writing blog posts. It’s about telling stories.”

“You won’t find out what you have to say until you start.”

Here is a link to James’ brilliant slides (thanks James)

Fi Scott, Makeworks, @thisismakeworks

“The most important factor for Make Works has been building relationships and connecting makers.”

“You can be tiny but you can be the best in the world.”

Lucy Simpson, Gaawaa Miyay, @GMiyay

“Story has the power to connect. To teach, transcend place and time, to empower, to shift perceptions and make a difference.”

… I wrote no more notes during Lucy’s session. I had goosebumps. Incredibly beautiful. Very powerful storytelling.

Nadine Andrews, cultureprobe @cultureprobe

“Woodland ecosystem as a metaphor for organisations. The stages of living in an ecosystem are influenced by the communities that inhabit it.”

… Every day I have the joy of walking in woods. They have always been a special place for me. Nadine’s nature as a business model works for me. Nature is the ultimate teacher. And I loved that Nadine brought a bag of rabbit poop onto the stage.

Katherine Trebeck @KTrebeck

“Small is not just beautiful, small can be pioneering. What pioneers can do is build coalitions, change the rules, build a new dynamic.”

“Enough is the new beautiful.”

You can read more beautiful words from beautiful people on the Small is Beautiful live blog which was beautifully put together by Nicola Balkind @robotnic and Steve Lawson @solobasssteve. The sessions were recorded on film and I think they will be shown on the Small is Beautiful website. You should check them out. It will be a beautiful investment of your time.

Enjoy the big beauty of being small in business.

Have fun!

Tracey :-)

… the beautiful people mentioned in this blog are an inspiration. I have added links to their websites and Twitter profiles for you to learn more about them.