Just a little bit of LURRRRRRVE …

Cisco ASR 9000

Apparently it’s the thing to write something in February about LURRRRRRVE and link it to whatever business you happen to be in. That’s really exciting! It’s people coming together in a groovy attempt to be cool and share the love. And there’s nothing I like more than groovy attempts to be cool … and sharing the love.

Check out this video …



How cool is that!

OK, in some ways it’s a little bit ridiculous, but that’s what’s so great about it. They understand that it’s not an entirely sensible message portraying just the features and benefits of their product (yawn!), but it doesn’t matter. The Cisco dudes understand that it’s good to have a little bit of fun in your communications. It’s not stuffy or dull. They’re happy to stand-out, happy to have fun and make people smile, and happy to be a bit cool without even pretending they are cool. I’m not in the market for a $250,000 router … but I’m working on my tech savvyness … and you never know the day you might be talking to someone who’s problems can be solved with a Cisco ASR 9000. Either way, I will remember that the Cisco ASR 9000 made me smile.

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be a bit pants. If you’re in a relationship it can be a bit pants too if it doesn’t go the way you want it to. But it can be great too, whatever your situation. If I was single I would probably watch Bridget Jones, drink wine and sing loud. But I’ve been married to Mr B for 10 wonderful years, so I will probably watch Bridget Jones, drink wine and sing loud whilst beloved Mr B tinkers with his Landrover in his shed. Whatever your situation, use it as a time to celebrate your life and do nice stuff, however it is.

Running a business is a bit like a relationship, but without the candles and the kissing (mostly).

You’ve got to find the right person, find the right match for you. Take it slowly and build the relationship up: just as you don’t propose on the first date, nor should you try and close a huge sale the first time you speak to someone. Get to know each other a bit first.

Good relationships are about trust. They’re about compromise. Do what makes you both happy. They’re about understanding. Know what your customers need and want. Understand their problems, and help them.

Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day cynic or you’ve saved all year for roses, take a moment to think about all the unloved businesses and customers out there. The ones who aren’t looked after by their suppliers. The ones who desperately need to find someone better. The ones who are waiting, just waiting for someone like you to make them realise that they perhaps don’t need a $250,000 Cisco ASR 9000 router in their life to know that they are loved.

Have fun and share the LURRRRRRVE! :-)