Protect your brand … it’s worth it

Your brand sets you apart from your competitors.  But have you thought about protecting your brand? Your brand exists as a means of communicating what to expect from your business, organisation, product or service and is something that you have invested in from the concept stage of your business.  What...

February 27, 2017
Ron Brown Tree ... the power of a personal brand

Ron Brown Tree … the power of a personal brand

This is a little omelette story about a real character called Ron Brown Tree* and the power of a personal brand. Ron Brown Tree ran a very successful business. A business that was successful financially, successful in the respect that it earned in its industry, and successful in the people...

September 28, 2016

Tips for building a marketing driven business

With a little bit of know-how you can make marketing part of your day to day business activities and build a successful marketing driven business. Here’s a wee bit of guidance to help you … Marketing can be defined as a process of determining the needs and wants of consumers...

May 17, 2016