Cisco ASR 9000

Just a little bit of LURRRRRRVE …

Apparently it’s the thing to write something in February about LURRRRRRVE and link it to whatever business you happen to be in. That’s really exciting! It’s people coming together in a groovy attempt to be cool and share the love. And there’s nothing I like more than groovy attempts to...

February 14, 2016
Leapy skippy Benson

For the love of dogs and MicroBiz

This is a very personal little omelette story based on my love of dogs and micro businesses. It highlights the value, beauty, passion and purpose of micro businesses and the role we play in making a difference to the world. We very sadly said goodbye to Benson, our beloved boxer...

November 15, 2015
Award winning ... 3

Award winning hedgehog cake

I entered a hedgehog cake into Deskford Horticultural Society 115th Show, Class 159 Novelty Birthday Cake. It was the first time I had made a hedgehog cake. And the first time I had entered a baking competition. My hedgehog cake won it’s class and was highly commended. I was tickled...

September 16, 2014
omelette hq tech centre

Lightning strikes at omelette hq tech centre …

We had a thunderstorm. Crash! Flash! And in the crack of an egg for an omelette the t’interweb and land telephone were no more. And because we live in the boonies where there is no mobile telephone signal, we also rely on t’interweb for mobile telephone via the magic of...

June 20, 2014
jelly shooz

Jelly shooz

I spent large parts of the 1980s rocking around in an aqua tracksuit and jelly shooz. I thought I was really cool. Guess what? THEY’RE BACK IN FASHION!  That doesn’t mean I’m going to turn up to meetings in brightly coloured plastic footwear. Well, maybe.  But it’s interesting how fashions...

May 27, 2014
Run Balmoral 2014 2

Leapy Skippy Jumps

I took part in Run Balmoral. I did a run! A friend suggested that I should do it on my spacehopper. And I was very tempted. But I ran it. I ran all the way … a whopping 5k! It was the first time I had taken part in a...

April 28, 2014
Ice cream cows

Pancakes and omelette-isms

We love pancake day at omelette hq. Every year we toss up some pancakes and eat them with lots of different fillings. We get a little bit greedy and we want to try ALL the fillings, and I do love some good old classic combinations including lemon and sugar, maple...

March 4, 2014

Farmers, tractors, ploughs … and a cow

Farmers are fab. Tractors are ace. Cows are cool. And I love the way our farming communities roll. I pottered along our street to the Fordyce and District Ploughing Championship. It was great. Although this was technically a competition, I was struck by the friendship between the farmers, and even...

January 31, 2014

Tractors and teamwork

I live in the boonies in rural Aberdeenshire. I love it! I’m surrounded by fields, nature, hills, trees, birds, deer, ponies, meadow ladies and woollies. The outdoors is both my playground and my boardroom. I solve many a difficult sum or challenge in the great outdoors whilst away from my...

October 2, 2013
1402519_40519237 Another small step for Omelette

Another small step for omelette

I started out as a marketer in the early 90’s (gosh!) and it never ceases to amaze me how technology and the online revolution have opened up a wealth of amazing opportunities for businesses of all types & sizes. In the early 90’s Direct Mail was in fashion and was...

September 27, 2013