Farmers, tractors, ploughs … and a cow


Farmers are fab. Tractors are ace. Cows are cool. And I love the way our farming communities roll.

I pottered along our street to the Fordyce and District Ploughing Championship. It was great. Although this was technically a competition, I was struck by the friendship between the farmers, and even at a competitive level, the teamwork was brilliant.

Farmers, tractors, ploughs 3The experienced ploughers were helping those who aspired to achieve ‘champion plougher’ status, freely offering their advice they in-turn learned from others many years before. They all appreciated one another’s workmanship, tractors and ploughs. Between ‘ploughs’ they gathered together around the chip van to eat fish and chips, catch-up, chit-chat, gossip, enjoy a wee dram and maybe talk about the strange wifie (me) hovering nearby watching them and taking photo’s with a telephone.

Farming is hard work and can be lonely at times – out in the tractor on your own. No more teams of workers in the field like there were not that many generations ago. The social aspect is an important part of their lives … and boy they know how to have fun. The ‘do’s’ we’ve had the pleasure of attending at Deskford Community Centre are very welcoming and fun ‘do’s’, with all generations of the family getting involved and enjoying themselves.

Running a small business can sometimes be a wee bit lonely too. Often you’re alone in the office, or out on the road, or working late. That’s why I like to surround myself with really cool people – either nearby who I can have coffee (and cake) and a laugh with, or at business events I travel to, or even around the rest of the country and the world thanks to the magic of things like email, Skype, Social Media, and of course the good old telephone.

I feel very lucky to have made friends with some brilliant people in the small business community. We have a laugh together … celebrate achievements … and support each other through the pants times. We’re all on our own little adventure, building our businesses, creating something to be proud of and experiencing the highs and lows of being a business owner.

Back to the farmers – the pride they took in their work and their lives was so obvious. All these beautiful tractors, some old, some new. The effort they put into the ploughing championship when the rewards don’t really stack up. But life’s about more than how much you earn or what you can gain. It’s about how happy you are, the people you meet, the experiences you have, the omelettes you cook and the people you help.

So whatever your business is, whether you’re a farmer, a marketing accountant (well, I’m the only marketing accountant, but you know what I mean) or something else, here’s some omelette tips for you: Be proud of your awesome business, enjoy the amazing adventure of being a small business owner, appreciate and respect other people’s awesome businesses, be helpful, eat cake (or a healthier option like muesli) … and have a little bit of fun.

And here’s the cow …


Have fun!

Tracey :-)