For the love of dogs and MicroBiz

Leapy skippy Benson

This is a very personal little omelette story based on my love of dogs and micro businesses. It highlights the value, beauty, passion and purpose of micro businesses and the role we play in making a difference to the world.

We very sadly said goodbye to Benson, our beloved boxer dog in August. Benson filled our lives with joy. He was our best friend, soul mate, team mate. He taught us to do leapy skippy jumps and made us laugh every day. He taught us to appreciate the little, and often random, things in life.

From a business perspective (lol!) Benson designed Skycars for his company Benson’s Skycar Design Company, was CEO of tracey bird (providing the inspiration for brand omelette), he tweeted with Innocent Drinks about boxing, appeared with Tillie in The Guardian Small Business feature, was added to a London tech dudes list of ‘CEO’s who might be huge’ and had a conversation about Skycar designs with Mix Aerospace when they were profiled by Virgin for their groundbreaking work designing flying cars. Benson also hosted the annual (but not very popular) Benson’s Eurovision Cheese Party on Twitter. Bonkers? Hell yeah!

Benson developed a degenerative condition (CDRM). He loved life and we wanted to do all we could to help him make the most of his time here, make sure he could perfect his Skycar designs and enjoy more cheese picnics. After talking to Benson’s vet he was referred to Highland Hydrotherapy in Elgin.

Highland Hydrotherapy is a canine referral business set up and ran by the amazing Sharon Whiteley out of her dedication to, and love for our canine friends. From my initial contact with Highland Hydrotherapy I knew this business was going to touch my heart.

Benson loved his splash ‘n float sessions with Sharon, Fiona, Britny and James. He learnt something new that made him stronger, kept him fit and active for longer. He had fun. They fussed him, humoured him, encouraged him and pampered him. Benson loved being told that he was a bit of a ‘Hugh Hefner’ while flirting with Britny’s beautiful Siberian Husky bitches wearing his new Dog Robe.

The team at Highland Hydrotherapy understood Benson’s needs, and mine, and made a big difference to our world.

Sharon, Fiona, Britny and James at Highland Hydrotherapy gave us a very precious gift …

The gift of more quality time with Benson.

Benson & Tillie in the woods

I have highlighted my love of micro businesses with a very special and personal experience with Highland Hydrotherapy, but like Sharon, most micro business owners are driven by a passion to make a difference. They have purpose beyond profit. They touch peoples (and animals) lives in wonderful ways and are a joy to deal with.

There are over 5 million micro businesses (0-9) employees in the UK. Over 95% of the total number of businesses in the UK are micro businesses. Source: Tony Robinson OBE.

Micro businesses matter!

A global micro enterprise revolution is happening thanks to the amazing Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE. Driven by a passion for and understanding of micro businesses, Tina and Tony have made it their mission to make life in micro business better. In 2012 Tina and Tony launched Enterprise Rockers – a #Rocking fantastic free, informal, indie community of micro businesses harnessing the power of plenty to support each other and make life better for micro business owners everywhere. “If you employ between 0 and 9 people you are a micro business owner and that makes you an Enterprise Rocker – come and join the band!” Tina Boden

I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing laughs with Tony Robinson OBE at the fabulous Small is Beautiful Conference in Glasgow this year where Tony delivered a #Rocking fabulous talk about micro enterprise. You can read some inspirational words from the conference on my Beautiful words from beautiful people blog.

#MicroBizMattersDay is taking place January 8th 2016. The second, global, annual #MicroBizMattersDay of actions to help micro business owners, and a celebration of the global micro business community. Check it out and join the party –  #MicroBizMattersDay.

Let’s harness the power of the micro enterprise revolution to help each other be the best we can be, enjoy our wonderful businesses and continue making a difference in this crazy world.

Have fun and be bonkers!

Tracey x

… I am absolutely delighted and honoured to announce that the fabulous, talented and very charming Mr Jones (Tom) has recently joined family Bird and team omelette. More information coming soon :)