Leapy Skippy Jumps

Run Balmoral 2014 2

I took part in Run Balmoral. I did a run! A friend suggested that I should do it on my spacehopper. And I was very tempted. But I ran it. I ran all the way … a whopping 5k! It was the first time I had taken part in a ‘proper’ run, so I’m really chuffed that I managed to run 5k. I loved it so much that I did a BIG leapy skippy jump in the final furlong in front of the cheering crowds!  

Having fun. Doing a run. At Balmoral. Omelette style.

Having fun. Doing a run. At Balmoral. Omelette style.

I also got a little bit excited when I heard on the news recently that  a new campaign has been launched to ‘Get Scotland Dancing’. Sounds like fun I thought, so I went to check out the website.

Well, it didn’t quite have the leapy skippy jump effect on me. I think the formality of it has maybe missed a wee opportunity to get everyone all excited and leapy skippy about the ‘Get Scotland Dancing’ campaign.


Happy people are much more likely to do things than miserable people, so it seems to me that it’s sensible to make people smile. In fact, don’t just make them smile, make them so happy they do leapy skippy jumps, like I did at Run Balmoral. Like I do every day!

If you want your customers to dance to your tune, give them a groovy tune to dance to. Happy businesses get happy customers. And everything’s better when you’re happy.

Your Client Happiness Quotient (CHQ) is an important concept that I’ve just made-up – but if you give anything an abbreviation in brackets then it sounds more important. You can control your CHQ by being very careful about how you say things. There are people who look at my website and decide they would rather work with a more ‘traditional’ accountant instead of a marcountant, and that’s fine. But there are other people who say “I KNOW we’re going to get on really well.”

See? It’s a groovily-high CHQ from day one. And that’s totally fab! I know that the people I attract are going to be the type of people that I love to work with. Yes, there is a very serious side to the work I do, and the support, advice and guidance that I provide to my wonderful clients. I take that VERY seriously. But there’s always time for some fun and leapy skippy jumps too.

So what do you want people to think when they talk to you? Do you want them to be excited because they know they’re going to have a Good Time when they work with you? Or do you want them to not really care very much or, even worse, not really look forward to talking to you at all?

I’d rather have ten customers who wanted to work with me than twenty who didn’t really care either way.

But then everyone is different, and I’m sure the ‘Get Scotland Dancing’ campaign has been designed to appeal to their target markets….

Make your business do leapy skippy jumps and watch as smiley happy people join in.

Go on … try some leapy skippy jumps!

Have fun!

Tracey :-)