Lightning strikes at omelette hq tech centre …

omelette hq tech centre

We had a thunderstorm. Crash! Flash! And in the crack of an egg for an omelette the t’interweb and land telephone were no more. And because we live in the boonies where there is no mobile telephone signal, we also rely on t’interweb for mobile telephone via the magic of a little white box.

Omelette hq tech centre was down and I was temporarily out of touch with the world! Wooo! Spooky!

AND, if that wasn’t disaster enough, I was cooking some chicken dippers in the electric oven for my tea and the electric kept cutting out …

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been without internet. Or a land telephone. Or a mobile telephone. It was a slightly “odd” feeling. But the more I started to think about it, the better it felt. As a temporary situation.

I had absolutely no distractions. What had felt annoying quickly resulted in leapy skippy jumps around the garden. It was the perfect reason to get the picnic rug out the next day, spend some time sitting in the garden enjoying the speedo weather, doing some planning. Reviewing some of my ideas. Reading some books.

So I did. And it was fab. I can highly recommend Purple Cow by Seth Godin. “Transform your Business by Being Remarkable”. A damn good read.

As a naughty forty plus type I remember the days when there was no email. Fax machines were in fashion and memorandums were cool. Then there was internet that you had to dial-up your modem to connect to, so you didn’t do it very often. Then all of a sudden the internet was always there.

Technology is great and creates loads of opportunities. I couldn’t imagine running my business without it. It’s amazing! But sometimes in business – and in life actually – it’s a good idea to just be quiet and to think. Grab a notebook and pen or that book you’ve been meaning to read. Get your picnic rug out. Think. Read. Ponder. Wonder. Wander. Walk. Talk. Laugh. Write. Leap. Skip. Jump.

Sometimes it’s nice to take some time out of your crazy life to step back and have a good look at everything.

The following day I went and bought a new magic box of internet from the shop, and I plugged it in, followed some simple destructions and had t’interweb again. Ta da! And that’s another wonder of new age technology. It’s user-friendly. Or maybe I’m just getting more tech savvy 😉

Anyway, omelette hq tech centre is back in action!

Have fun!

Tracey :-)