Pancakes and omelette-isms

Ice cream cows

We love pancake day at omelette hq. Every year we toss up some pancakes and eat them with lots of different fillings. We get a little bit greedy and we want to try ALL the fillings, and I do love some good old classic combinations including lemon and sugar, maple syrup and more maple syrup, morello cherries and vanilla ice cream, chocolate and nut bits. Yum! It’s a good job I’ve got some stretchy pants. Pancakes are fun and easy to make, very tasty and a versatile dish that can be enjoyed in many ways. Just like omelettes really. :-)

Happy pancakeBut ‘pancake day’ has become a wee bit commercial. The shops have been selling eggs, milk and flour for months now. So much in life is commercialised – and as a marketing accountant (marcountant) I see that every day in close-up detail.  Sometimes, however, you need to step back and look at things for what they really are, and I think that’s helpful for businesses to do too.

Like flowers. Flowers make lots of money for some people – they’re very commercial. But there are ones which are wild and free (in several senses of the word) and bring lots of lovely leapy-skippy-jumpy happiness to people too. Especially at this time of year as the snowdrops and the daffodils start to appear and give people the excitement of the first days of spring. If we looked at all flowers as being commercial then we should get rid of the wild and free ones. And that would be pants for plants. So it’s good that things are as they are. So maybe commercial and not-so-commercial (there must be an omelette-ism for this) can work together?

Back to pancakes. There doesn’t seem to be a way to send a virtual pancake. Maybe there is a pancake app but my tech savvy-ness hasn’t sussed that one yet. So if you’re going to share pancakes you’d best invite people round to a pancake do. That’s good too! So maybe pancake day isn’t as commercial as I thought?

A lot of the things you do as a business might not feel very ‘commercially sensible’ when you do them. Like the tasty sweeties I send out with annual accounts. Like meeting up with a bunch of fab friends for a road trip and a laugh on #FunFriday. Like chatting to people at networking events to get to know them, the person, as opposed to making the opportunity to launch into ones perfected ‘elevator pitch’ (yawn) to sell ones wares.  Like the times you help someone just because you want to help and are able to, and not just because you’re charging them.

Sometimes you can make a tiny bit more money by not being so helpful. But that’s not the omelette way. I want to work with happy people and happy businesses and sometimes that means doing things ‘just because’, rather than ‘just because it makes me money’.  Yes, it’s important to make profit to keep growing our businesses, pay the bills and enjoy ourselves, but maybe it’s also good to have a purpose other than profit, and maybe being helpful and not just focusing on commercial gain can actually be good for our businesses too? I will always recommend the businesses who have been helpful to me, and I will recommend them till the cows come home in their ice cream van. I’m sure you would too.

Like this blog post. I don’t do it for commercial reasons. But hopefully it makes you smile a little bit, and it makes me smile to do it. And then I work better, and you might get in touch with me about something you need help with, or tell someone to get in touch with me because I might be able to help them out too. So it’s sort of commercial but not-so-commercial.

Hey, it’s commer-ish-al. Commerishal. There we go. Cracked it! It’s commerishal marcountancy. Wow, I can’t wait for this year’s dictionary to come out. I hope I’m in it with my omelette-isms.

So, what can you do for your business that’s commerishal? You’re probably already doing it and you should be proud.

Enjoy your pancakes and have fun!

Tracey :-)