Ron Brown Tree … the power of a personal brand

Ron Brown Tree ... the power of a personal brand

This is a little omelette story about a real character called Ron Brown Tree* and the power of a personal brand.

Ron Brown Tree ran a very successful business. A business that was successful financially, successful in the respect that it earned in its industry, and successful in the people it attracted – customers, suppliers and staff.

Ron Brown Tree’s credentials for building and running a successful business, according to Ron Brown Tree, were … selling and vacuuming.

Ron Brown Tree focused on his strengths. Being himself. Being authentic. Being unique. Selling. Leading. Building relationships. Vacuuming.

Ron Brown Tree built a team of trusted people around him who could do all the stuff that he couldn’t do to ensure that he ran a successful business. There were no sinking ships when Ron Brown Tree was involved. As Ron Brown Tree would say.

Ron Brown Tree was a bit like Marmite. Many loved Ron Brown Tree. Some hated Ron Brown Tree. Those that loved Ron Brown Tree had a lot of fun. Those who hated Ron Brown Tree didn’t. Love or hate Ron Brown Tree, Ron Brown Tree was memorable.

Ron Brown Tree knew who he was, knew what he wanted to be known for, knew what he wanted to achieve, knew what he needed to do to achieve it and knew who he needed to help him.

Ron Brown Tree created his own unique personal brand.

“Companies and organisations aren’t alone in the need for solid branding. Personal branding, the art of building a unique brand around yourself as an individual, is just as important.” 

People do business with people. People trust people more than they trust companies. Business is about relationships.

A personal brand separates you from everyone else in the world. In business it separates you from the competition.

We all have a fabulous opportunity to embrace our uniqueness and develop our personal brands. We are unique. I love to work with business owners who embrace their uniqueness and are a little bit quirky. It makes them fun to work with. And business should be fun. Don’t you think?

So how do you build your personal brand?

Here are my omelette tips for creating and building a personal brand:

For more personal brand inspiration …

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And the ultimate and very famous personal brand … Richard Branson.

I will leave you with one of Ron Brown Tree’s memorable and defining phrases …

“I say what I like. And I like what I say.” 

Have fun!


*Ron Brown Tree is not the real characters real name.