We will work online as a team. An action-packed, powerful, fun relationship between you and your marketing accountant (me).

A relationship which helps your business grow and thrive. A relationship which gives you the resources, support and confidence to create the business of which you dream.

A relationship which combines the importance of effective accounting with the power of effective marketing.

I embrace modern methods of working for modern businesses. We’ll collaborate online using cloud accounting technology.

Cloud accounting enables a real-time working relationship where I can provide you with more frequent insights into your business to help you monitor performance, make decisions and plan.

We’ll have regular review sessions to make sure the money is still flowing in the right direction, to make sure the business is going in the right direction. I’ll support you throughout the year via email, Skype and telephone calls.

“Choosing an accountant is a little bit like choosing your life partner – someone who is there for the long haul who will take the journey to success with you.” (Paul Tooth, Accounting Web)

It’s not just taking the journey with you, it’s making it with you. It’s planning it and creating it and booking the tickets for the success train. Accountants can no longer be passive, reactive beasts: they are … we are … I am … a positive, proactive, creative force within your business.

The role of the accountant is changing.

I’m embracing the change. You can too.